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Jantrik Technologies Ltd.

Jantrik Technologies Ltd. is a software development company providing full-cycle software engineering, custom application development and system integration services. Our business goal is to help our clients meet their software development needs on time and within a budget, while exceeding quality requirements. Jantrik project managers plan, execute and monitor projects from initiation to closing to ensure each project is a success. We specialize in the development of .Net application, customized ArcGIS based geographic information system (GIS) software, SharePoint and data integration, processing, analysis and visualization systems. We are also very open to expanding our capabilities depending on your needs. We have successfully conceptualized, designed and developed complete software as well as customized products to suit our clients' needs and we will do the same for you. Please contact us with any queries.

Jantrik engineers also perform environmental, water resources and GIS modeling using special software. Our software development capabilities enhance our ability to find efficient solutions to modeling and data processing. We are committed to your success in any engineering and manufacturing application. Contact us if you need assistance with engineering, operations, automation or modeling services.


  • Are you a software developer who likes to take challenges?
  • Are you a passionate Environmental Engineer/Water Resource Engineer or Consultant?
  • Are you self motivated and creative?
  • Do you dream for working with world class patterns and practices?
  • Are you Agile?
  • Have you ever thought of creating something special that will take the world to the new age?

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Jantrik engineers


We are a homogeneous group of solution-centric engineers. Our energy is generally directed to problem-solving, optimization and creativity. Yet a flexible and professional environment nurtures healthy growth and career development opportunities for our staff. We attract and retain the best engineering talents in Bangladesh. All of our professional staff are graduates of premier educational institutions in the country. Jantrik guarantees high ethical standards of its people.


Jantrik provides a friendly, flexible and pleasant environment for our employees. Our professionally designed work space is well equipped for the year-around comfort. The team members are encouraged to acquire skills and knowledge outside their regular domain, maintain professional integrity and high ethical standards, share knowledge and collaborate. At Jantrik we strive to ensure the safety and well-being of our employees. As we grow we are determined to pay attention to the needs of our staff and continually improve our support for a balanced work and personal life.

Jantrik office environment

Our Products

For a better environment and a more open world in terms of data and information, Jantrik software lab has crafted the following products: